Popular types of websites

tworzenie stron internetowych kraków

Every website is has its own specificity which depends mainly on its function. We present a few types of websites which have been our customers’ most frequent choice.

Corporate website

Its main purpose it to present the company’s offer so it will include such sections as: about the company, offer, prices, photo gallery and contact. A corporate website will help you present your services and products. It is also a perfect place to boast about your company’s achievements e.g. you can put some certificates or references there. Contact section is also a very important part and it is a good idea to extend it a bit by adding a contact form or a map which will show directly where your office is and help customers find the way. If necessary, your corporate website can be divided into more sections. Our customers often want us to add such modules as news, newsletter or FAQ. In order to help you manage your website on your own, it can be equipped with CMS system so that you will easily add new subpages to the menu, edit the contents and pictures, send newsletter etc. However, you need to remember that your website’s success depends mostly on its content. It is the most important thing that customers pay attention to. Make sure it’s always full-bodied, unique and well-written and provides people with useful information.


If you are an architect, a photographer, a graphic designer, a copywriter but also a tradesman, a beautician, a set designer or a fashion model, you should consider having a website which will serve you as a virtual folder of all your projects and achievements. A portfolio is an excellent tool to promote any kind of creative profession. You can use a portfolio to present your work by adding pictures or texts. Portfolio design is all about minimalism and simplicity which helps people concentrate on the published works. It is worth presenting your pictures on full screen using left and rights arrows to navigate. It is also very common to use a tile layout to present photos.


It is a kind of online dairy but people very often use it for marketing purposes. The Internet is full of well-written substantive blogs with valuable content which serve their purpose e.g. educate and promote the author at the same time. If you write a blog, you can create an expert image and increase the number of visitors on your website which will have a positive impact on SEO. A blog can also help you build up relations with the readers or potential customers. WordPress is a great solution to creating a professional blog.

Internet store

It is a website equipped with the engine thanks to which you can sell your products or services. Internet store gives an opportunity to browse the range of products, select one, order it and make payments. There are both free and charged online selling services. If required, you may also have a special solution written for your own purposes.

Landing page

It is used in advertising and the number of visitors on this page is generated by such adverts as AdWords. The main purpose of a landing page is to sell a product, get an email address or fill in the form etc. It is fully adjusted to the advertisement that leads to it which makes it more efficient. If the user visited an ordinary website the coefficient of rejection would be much higher. Landing pages include information about specific product (e.g. the one which is promoted) and the user is supposed to perform only one action. The call to action button draws attention and encourages to sign up or sign in.

Responsive Web Design

responsywne strony internetowe

Websites for smartphones, tablets and… computers of course,

The mobile Internet era has developed a new trend – responsive web design.

Smartphones and tablets have become an inseparable part of our life. We use them to browse websites, communicate with other people, shop online, make online payments and check our email. You may say that we are “always online” – we can surf the Internet wherever we are.

Responsive websites which were just a new trend at the beginning, now have become a standard and necessary element of web designing. If you want to make it easier for the customers to use your website, don’t forget about responsive technology. It’s all about usefulness and clearness. For sure you don’t want customers to leave your website just because it is not compatible with mobile devices.

What exactly is a responsive website?

It is a specially designed website which adjusts its resolution to the device it’s displayed on. It works in both horizontal and vertical positions. You don’t need to zoom it or roll it to the side because the contents will be automatically adjusted to your tablet, smartphone or computer. The website is elastic and looks great on any kind of mobile device. It makes it a lot easier for users to read and navigate it.

Why is it all for and do I really need it?

Responsive websites are the answer to customers’ needs and expectations. The number of people using mobile Internet and mobile devices is constantly growing. According to “Digital in 2106” report published by We are Social, there are 25.7 million Internet users in Poland including 15.9 million users of the mobile Internet. It is unquestionable that responsive technology is the future.

The benefits of having a responsive website

1. Higher position is search results because Google rewards responsive websites
2. Increased readability
3. One version of your website (not two like in mobile version), one URL address, one HTML code
4. When you update your website the new content will be displayed right away on any kind of device. It is very convenient especially if we compare it with the mobile version where you must implement the changes to both versions (responsive website maintenance is much cheaper).

How does it look in practice?

The website is based on the so called responsive web layout. Responsive web design allows us to hide the less relevant elements of the website, change the graphics layout (e.g. put them in blocks one above another), change 3 column layout to 2 column one, calibrate, cut, implement the simplified navigation for mobile phones, zoom the text and so on. As far as graphic designing is concerned, at first we work on the design dedicated to mobile phones and then we add new elements to the version which will be displayed on computers.