A good graphic designer must have an open mind, a curious mind, an open heart and a passionate heart. Be aware of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly on our planet. Great design is a result of ‘things’. Many things, anything and everything!

Theo Dimson

Graphic Designing Projects

We do graphic designing projects for small and medium-sized companies. In our work we use both electronic and traditional media.

Our goal is to create interesting, esthetic and effective advertising materials. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a simple flagship or a complicated internet service. We pay equal amount of attention to both “easy” and more advanced tasks.

Graphic designing projects for printing

  • business card
  • posters
  • leaflets
  • press advertisements
  • commercial brochures
  • banners (or any other large-sized advertisements)
  • postcards, wish cards

Graphic designing projects for online purposes

  • website layouts
  • commercial banners
  • landing pages
  • allegro templates
  • newsletter graphic design
  • 3D visualisation

Corporate identification design

  • logo design
  • business card, corporate paper and envelop design

What is a good graphic design?

Good graphic designs should always be esthetic and effective. They must reach the target audience.

We know that when you invest your money in a graphic design you expect actual benefits. That is why we emphasize the importance of good communication between you and our studio. Make sure you have given us as much information about your business and the industry as possible. Tell us about your customers, identify their needs and expectations. Be detailed in describing your products or services you provide. Show us the advertising materials you have been using so far.

Due to our effective cooperation, you will be given:

  • graphic design fully coherent with your corporate identification
  • effective advertising aimed directly at your target audience
  • professional graphics that meet your requirements

If you want to make an order or receive any additional information, email us at: ola@happyrebels.com

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