Website design

Imagine website which has an attractive, esthetic and professional look, and gives you an excellent opportunity to you develop your company. Not only does it represent you well but also increases your sales. Sounds good?

we always do our best to provide your with beautifully looking and functional websites.

Happy Rebels graphic designing studio specialises in providing Internet solutions for small and medium-sized companies. Among all, our offer includes website design.

Certainly you are aware of the fact that having a website is the key to extend the potential of your business. In our global world it is the easiest way to reach the unlimited number of customers. Will you ignore the power of advertising?

The number of people looking for information about businesses, services and products on the Internet is constantly growing. Internet has become the most powerful medium of communication which guarantees 24/7 access from any location. Unlike printed materials which lose their topicality (and therefore credibility) fast, a website can be easily updated so that you will quickly inform people about new offers, promotions or any kind of change your company has undergone.

Build up a dialogue with your customer through a proffessional website

As an entrepreneur you know how important building up a dialogue with your customers is. You ought to exchange essential and up-to-date information as well as give your customers possibility to make online orders. They will certainly appreciate that. A website allows you to get to know your customer better, e.g. online surveys or questionnaires may help you get insight into their opinions and preferences so that you can refine your products and services.

Prove your credibility

Many company owners tend to say that they don’t need a website. They couldn’t be more wrong. If you look at this matter from the perspective of a customer, not from your own, you will understand how important having a website is in terms of proving credibility. By giving them an opportunity to check your offer or even simple contact details, you prove that you are reliable. With our experience, we will surely help you make the right choice.

We offer website designing

Static Websites

This is a perfect solution for customers who expect their website to be just an “ online flagship” with the main purpose of providing only standard info about the company. If you don’t want to update your website too frequently and don’t need extended features, this option is just for you.

CMS Websites

logo wordpress

We mainly specialise in WordPress implementation. This is one of the most user-friendly platforms but, if you wish, your website may be implemented with a different CMS system. Wondering what benefits it can give you? You will update your website easily, add new contents, pictures, videos, mail your customers and many more.

Responsive web design

tworzenie stron responsywnych

Would you like to have a modern website which works smoothly on your computer, tablet and smartphone? More and more people are using mobile devices nowadays and so it is very probable that they will use e.g. a smartphone to check your offer. Having a responsive website will guarantee that your website resolution is adjusted to different devices.

We work in HTML, CSS, PHP, My SQL environments.

The features of CMS websites:

    1. Multiple-language version

  1. Photo gallery with an easy to use managing pane
  2. Browser
  3. Contact form
  4. Google Analytics integration (advanced web statistics)
  5. Social media integration (likebox)
  6. Newsletter
  7. Animated slider
  8. Google map with the route to your company
  9. Current module
  10. Questionnaires and surveys

The advantages of CMS websites

  • 1. These websites are easy to use for you and your employees
  • 2. Theses websites are browser friendly
  • 3. There are a lot of plugins which can increase their functionality

If you choose us to make a website for you, you should know that we pay attention to:

  • The look
  • Functionality
  • Usefulness
  • Optimisation
  • Before you decide to have a website made, you would surely like to know what the whole process looks like.

    tworzenie stron internetowych

    The first stage requires identifying customer’s needs. Here we always ask our customers to fill in
    a creative brief , which is going to be used as a summary of your expectations and the main points of the project. This is one of the most important things to start with. It will help us identify the purpose of your website as well as its target audience. The next step is to establish the budget and choose the best technology to proceed with.

    projektowanie stron internetowych

    With the basic information collected, we move on to preparing the service map which main purpose is to build up a clear navigation system. Next, we proceed to work on the layout (here the most important things for us are the target audience and the present corporate identification solutions).


    tworzenie stron www

    We send our customer the jpg website composite and we ask for opinion which will be crucial for us to take further steps. Since this is the last stage before the website is coded, good communication is extremely important. Any remarks, observations, comments or complaints should be presented as soon as possible.


    tworzenie stron internetowychImplementation
    We code and create a functional website. We work on details and test the website’s compatibility with different browsers. When everything is ready you give us access to FPT server (if you have a domain and hosting) and we send your website to the server. When the payment is made, you are given the access to administrative panel.


    If you want to make an order or receive any additional information email us at:

    Brief do pobrania:
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    Email us!!
    If you have any questions, need consulting or any information about the price – contact us. We will reply within 24 hours.


    … czyli najczęściej zadawane pytania

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